Where will AWE open Monday on NYSE

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  1. I can't get off the subject (the Xanax hasn't hit yet, so I'll post a poll)
  2. Oops, you left one choice out. You forgot the "I don't give a chit" choice.
  3. This ain't your meditation!

    But let me answer your poll. Although I belive AWE worth more than $15 right after the announcement or in a week, I would say a little over $12.5 @ open, just for the sake of the 10000+ share in your short position.
  4. Qdz,

    Are you saying that even in the absence of new deal (not the Roosevelt one) news, you think it will open over 12.50?

    The Cingular offer and the "auction process" were already factored into the stock. I pray you are wrong (and I'm an atheist).

    Hmmmm. At $15, I'd be out $47,600. That's my entire profit for the month . That would suck a**.
  5. TD80


    Honestly you are playing with fire regarding AWE, and if you don't get burnt on this, there will be another gamble that will take you down. There is simply NO reason to take so much apparent risk against the tape and against the rumor. You are asking for total annihilation. I hope you make it out but I fear you will end up right back in the same situation the next time a hot stock comes along and you step in front of the train.

    If you want to gamble reduce your size to a pittance or go to vegas.

  6. "Reduce your size to a piitance or go to Vegas"

    Dude, I LIVE in Vegas already.

    There isn't any rumor. There's an offer on the table from Cingular.

    As far as size, I guess it depends on your capital and your strategy. A $50,000 hit would be an annnoyance, but only a small chip into my capital. I'd still end up ahead for the month.

    I'm hoping the majority of people who took the poll guessed wrong.
  7. written on Elite how you became such a highly capitalized trader?

    what has been your best insights on how you have made your

    fortune trading ?

    what tips can help us reach the level of playing capital you have?

    hopefully it has not been taking big size positions every week :)
  8. Primarily, trading size at the opening in big arb deals.

    For instance I bought 25000 ONE Friday and sold short 34000 JPM.

    I unwould it for maybe 10-15 cts profit. It wasn't clear it was a "do" at the opening, but I had some little hints I won't share that gave me some confidence to do size. This works best on a triple witching because the opening print is usually large enough to handle the size.

    This isn't available every day. And now that I have no bullets I can only do it if one of the stocks is going to be up.

    I remember when PFE bought Pharmacia, I did 40,000 Pharmacia on the opening one day and made $1 by selling the ratio in PFE. But, I had to use bullets to sell the PFE. I wouldn't be able to do that today.

    I also start trading at 4am PST. I once bought 4,000 Pharmacia (see I can't even remember the symbol) $4 below the market on Instinet. There was 14,000 offered. Of course I then immediately started wondering what was wrong with the deal. The stock opened up and nobody challeged the trade.
  9. Can someone explain to me why everyone thinks AWE opens above $11.25?
  10. Who do you trade through?
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