Where were their trading profits coming from?

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  1. Where were their trading profits coming from, year after year? I am just curious!


  2. Women, for the most part. You see, men work and amass fortunes and die. Women live longer so they wind up with the fortune. Then they find attractive, trustworthy advisers in trustworthy organizations to invest their money wisely.
  3. 2/20 on billions of AUM, to start.
  4. who are the counterpart traders giving them the profits - gross earnings?
  5. so the trustworthy organizations are the losers in trading against those HF managers?
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    Often You and you don't even know it.
  7. then why would we still keep trading?
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    For many of the quant oriented strategies, their gain is a reduction in our gain or what tips our gain into a loss.
  9. still intriguing! the overall size of their trading profits is huge.
  10. The avg mutual fund holder earns like 4.5% vs. 8% for the fund. So that's some significant source of profit right there.
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