Where were all of ET's vocal fiscal conservatives when Bush was in office?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Simple question.
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  3. Yeah, thought so.
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    You got Alzheimer's dawg?

    Many of them were right here complaining about the spending.
  5. Nowhere near as many as there are now. The very people who supported Bush no matter what he did to the national treasury are suddenly all up in arms and self-righteously indignant. They were conspicuously silent during Bush's senseless spending and are now outraged at Obama's remedial spending intended to correct the very mistakes perpetrated by the Bush administration: sloth, fiscal irresponsibility and complete lack of regulatory oversight.

    How very, very transparent and rife with hypocrisy.
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    Bullshit, but you'll think whatever you like no matter what.

    And how is EVEN MUCH MORE spending going to remedy - too much spending?

    Hypocrisy you say?
  7. No, no, no. Don't waste your precious breath on me. Tell some of the finest minds in America, who are more plugged in than you are, who are more intelligent than you are, who are better educated than you are and who actually give a shit, that they've got it all wrong. And then tell them how you and your gun-toting bible buddies know what's what.
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    You mean all those presidential appointees that can't even remember to pay their taxes? Those geniuses?

    If the previous Ivy league, silver spoon guys had it wrong. These guys have it even more wrong. Apparently I care more than they do anyway. Since THEY are the one's driving OUR country into the ground.

    I don't think I even have a bible anymore. Haven't been to a church, except for weddings, in nearly a decade.
    And one of my best, most conservative friends doesn't even own a firearm.
    If your going to make a pussified attempt at stereotyping you might at least want to know WTF your talking about first.

    And did you forget the question or is it you just don't have an answer and can't face it?

  9. Yes, LeCrum, you tell Volcker and the other members of Obama's economic advisory panel that they are no match for you and your community college credentials.

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    And how is EVEN MUCH MORE spending going to remedy - too much spending?

    Your evading questions as well as TrollZzz/optional777.

    Good job ThunderTroll!
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