Where was the Tea party in 2001-2008?

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  1. When Bush was spending left and right and budgets growing quickly? And where was the Tea Party and Limbaugh when Bush/Paulson was begging taxpayers to bail out wallstreet?
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    Bush wasn't black, otherwise there would have been a "tea party movement" back in 2001. Regarding the bailout, conservatives secretly love lemon socialism: socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor and the middle class.
  3. The Tea Party left the Republicans in 2006 and 2008.......And we got stuck with Pelousi and Reid. Since they took over the Congress 8 million jobs have been lost.

    Tea Party voted against TARP first time and the market dropped 700 points. Hard to hold the line when the markets are in a free fall.
  4. Some of us in this forum in the Bush years were complaining about Bush's abuse of power, etc. because the next president would abuse power just like Bush did...

    The Tea Party types were frothing at the mouth defending whatever Bush did, sucking on Bush's front and hind tit.

    Now because they are not getting their way the right wing hand wringers and Obama haters act like they care...

    What a bunch of phonies...
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  7. They held their hooded meetings in private ,now they do it in public