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    Project Entropia is free of charge, meaning that you don't have to purchase any boxed version or pay any monthly fees to join our virtual universe. Instead, Project Entropia will use a real economy system that allows you to exchange real money for a Project Entropia currency. This virtual currency is then used to buy any items you want inside the virtual universe. You will also be able to exchange the Project Entropia currency back into the real currency again. It's also possible to earn money by participating in Project Entropia. You will have the opportunity to create, find, trade and sell all sorts of items. You will also be able to perform actions, quests and adventures that may enable you to earn even more money. This is what makes Project Entropia one of the most innovative experiences in on-line entertainment.

    The virtual currency is Project Entropia Dollars (PEDs) and Project Entropia Cents (PECs). The currency rate will be set at 10 PEDs = 1 US Dollar.


    Announcement: Dynamic Price Index
    Posted: StumdoeS @ Apr 26, 1:17 2004
    Hello mates!

    I'm happy to announce the release of the Dynamic Price Index. This index will be updated by the Calypso traders, miners and crafters so that we can try to find as close to a true market value as possible.

    There are currently 10 people who have volontered to help out with this but that might not be enough. If you feel that you can contribute to keeping this index as correct as possible feel free to write me or Magnum so we can give you a login ID and Password.

    or use the Price index link further down on the frontpage.
  2. The spread are awfull : it lacks speculators to provide liquidity for sure or there are some guilds who act as monopolists :p

    Mineral Estimated Market Price* TT Value (Refined) Updated Updated by
    Azzurite 135 - 150% 3,60 2004-04-27 Skyrider
    Belkar 125 - 140% 0,06 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Blausarium 115 - 125% 0,12 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Caldorite 115 - 130% 0,51 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Cobalt 100% 0,60 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Copper 100 - 1900% 0,48 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Cumbriz 120 - 125% 0,45 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Dianum 150 - 180% 3,75 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Durulium 115 - 125% 2,40 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Erdorium 115 - 125% 1,20 2004-04-29 Dark_Sonic
    Frigulite 100% 0,36 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Gazzurdite 115 - 130% 0,75 2004-04-26 Joli
    Gold 105 - 115% 3,00 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Ignisium 105 - 120% 2,10 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Iron 120 - 140% 0,39 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Kanerium 150 - 180% 7,50 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Langotz 140 - 150% 2,70 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Lysterium 125 - 145% 0,03 2004-04-27 Kjetil
    Megan 115 - 135% 0,54 2004-04-26 Kjetil
    Meganite 350 - 400% 3,15 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Narcanisum 125 - 130% 0,24 2004-04-23 StumdoeS
    Platinum 130 - 140% 9,00 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Quatium 100% 1,80 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Rugaritz 180 - 220% 4,50 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Terrudite 120 - 130% 3,30 2004-04-28 Shoe
    Tridetnite 300 - 400% 6,00 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Valurite 250 - 300% 18,00 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Xeremite 180 - 220% 12,00 2004-04-24 StumdoeS
    Zinc 120 - 130% 0,30
  3. You forgot to include latinum.
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    Who signed up?

    Looks quite interesting
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    The Project Entropia Virtual Economy has (by now) come a long way, with over two hundred thousand players already registered. The supply-and-demand model has worked very well for Mind Ark, and they have created a very healthy market, being influenced by in-game events and by player market speculation. With a currency pegged to the real-world US dollar, the stakes of this virtual world is dramatically more immediate.

    As a result, it quickly becomes necessary to keep oneself savvy to market trends in game, which is an incredibly difficult task for players as business does not stop at 17:00 every day, as people from all over the globe connect to live and trade on this market. In the hours that players are absent from Calypso, the trading mood will have affected this virtual marketplace.

    The previously published Minerals Index on the Entropia Pioneer's website has recently been replaced by an automated website, displaying live data tracked from the game, aggregated for players and interested parties in this virtual economy.

    Find it here, MyTwoPecs.com - Entropia Market Watch

    This site is currently limited to market hotboards of the popular game commodities, as well as over-time charts released that shows trends and indications of movements in the marketplace.

    The primary purpose of this site is to provide accurate market analysis to speculators, traders and players of the game. Features to this information site is constantly in development, and are added as they become available.

    MyTwoPecs.com is a free-for-use website.