Where to trade?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by spec, May 17, 2005.

  1. spec


    Hello everyone,

    I have always traded only foreign exchange, but now I am looking for broker or brokers to trade futures on stocks and bonds and commodities or/and cfds with good execution and a reliable platform with good tech-analysys. Any suggestions?

  2. slick656


    Hi, just thought i'd tell you where I trade... for securities I use cobra trading www.cobratrading.com excellent prices as well as service, and for futures I use infinity brokerage, $5 round trip for e minis, lots of platforms and great service :D
  3. slick656


    I also use a couple chat rooms, sometimes I use ho stock market, it's free, but I mostly use millennium-traders.com it is a paid site, but good picks and advisory
  4. LOL, isnt this guy just spam-tastic, the guy asks for a broker, guy gives him 2, then he realises he hasnt spammed everything on his "to spam" list, and comes back with some chat room advisory svc....
  5. slick656


    you guys are pretty nice, i dont have a list and I am a woman, just have opinions like everyone else, and oh yeah I was going to post some questions I had about trading forex, but then you would probably tell me I am stupid too.

    i posted two because that is what I use. some people trade securities and futures duh... nice meeting everyone, glad you are so friendly and helpful