Where to trade Korean futures?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by velosoandre, May 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm a small trader trading a portfolio of global futures in a trend-following approach and I'm looking for a broker that can trade the 3y Bond future & KRW futures on Korea Futures Exchange...
    MF Global used to be the only broker that used to give me that, and despite several requests to Interactive Brokers to provide those they always come up with some excuse. There are no regulatory issues, they are all traded electronically, they already have the Kospi 200, but still, last time they invented some "clearing issues"...
    Anyway, any brokers out there? I'm based in europe, by the way
  2. If you look at http://www.deepdiscounttrading.com/ as a catalog, you could look at some of the major platforms that use their own routing to exchanges such as CTS, Trading Technologies, or Rithmic and maybe CQG.

    I see the exchange listed on the CQG site but do not know if those contracts are included.

    These platforms tend to have broad coverage because they serve brokers worldwide and the broker may outsource its routing to them in some cases.

    You can access most of those through deepdiscounttrading and if you call them they may know.

    You can also call CQG, TT, etc. and ask for the names of brokers that can clear those contracts.

    You could also try PFG which is like MFG in worldwide scope. Note that you have to *negotiate* rates at any firm like PFG that is not serving only discount online clients.