Where to study for Series 7?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Trader1499, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Ok I've googled this and so many things come up with someone wanting to sell some kind of online course or something. I just want to know where the heck I can go that is a reliable source that I don't have to waste money for something that isn't necessary?

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
  2. Check out PassPerfect.

    I've used them for the 7, 66, 55, 8, 24...very exhaustive and worth the $.
  3. Surdo


    Securities Training Corporation, S.T.C. , is still the industry standard for institutional traders.

  4. I found a book at the public library. It doesn't look that hard to me. I scored over 70% on the practice test without reading the book. The stuff I missed had to do with fixed-income and broker-client specific stuff.
  5. Pass the 7, Pass the 65 etc... great easy learning
  6. I bought a book, read it for a few days, then took 5 day crash course on the subject. then took the test.

    I'm glad I took the course, as I realized a large portion of the test was Options/muni's I would have studied each section equally, but the instructor informed us on what too study for.

    just google "securities, classes, securities test prep class" etc and use your zip code/city.

    I personally recommend a class over wasting too much time studying pointless info.

    1. get a general book for $30.00 read through it so you have an idea
    2. take a class. (typically 5 days)
    3. take several thousand practice questions.
    4. take the test

    I feel 2 weeks is ideal time.