Where to stay in S. Florida

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  1. jjf


    Hi there,

    I want to lease an apartment [3 bedrooms] for three months over the summer, somewhere between FL and SoBe.

    I haven't been in the area for years, so it has all changed, but ideally I want a well furnished high rise with a good view and within an easy walk to beach, shops, restaurants etc.

    Would appreciate any input because i know some of you guys know the area well.

    Please PM me if you have info that you don't want to post.

    many thanks
  2. ElCubano


    If you want to be where the action is, you want to be south of 15 st. ( restaurants, decobike access, clubs, bars and lots of people walking around, great beach area...2nd street beach is my favorite spot down there)

    decobike is a new concept where they have bike stations scattered around sobo with like 15 bikes and what you do is slip in your credit card and the bike is released, if you take it to another station within 30 minutes its free, I dont know the cost after the first 30 minutes but it may be hourly or daily ...great concept for tourists.

    North of 15 th street has less activity. more relaxing atmospehere for the family.

    I will ask around as to where you might be able to rent. Have you considered fort lauderdale? very nice beaches up there as well.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and I will find out if I cant answer....like things you may want to do for amusement....
  3. jjf


    gracias El Cubano,

    We really like FL and used to stay at the Marriott on the beach, but it was a bit out of the action.

    Thanks for all the good advice ... do you have any comments on to be in Ft Lauderdale.

  4. ElCubano


    I love ft lauderdale...Luaderdale by the sea, which is where commercial blvd ends and runs into a pier. In the 2-3 block area near the pier is great for night life , food , bars and sometimes they have jazz festivals at night where they block off the streets ( ill try to find out when they have the festivities )

    how much are you looking to spend? what months are you looking to come...summer months are off season and have better rates...hot as hell..to me its great best time to be at the beach.

    PM me if ud like.
  5. Call my cousin Gary W at SBI realty. He is the condo king of miami and south FL.

  6. I live at 23rd and Collins Ave and love it here, its within easy walking distance to the restaurants, Lincoln Rd, etc. and an awesome boardwalk right along the beach. And the beach here is beautiful as well as the waves of stunning women around here. Anything below 23rd and you have to deal with more noise at night. 23rd to 45th along Collins is best. Ive lived here over 15 yrs and love it. When I die I want to pass up heaven or hell and stay right here in Miami Beach! :D
  7. ElCubano


    lived on 15th and bay when I was younger white house on the corner...and yes the noise was sick ass crazy....Groovejet style. ;o)

  8. LOL...remember Groovejet, Liquid, Shadow Lounge???...those were the days !!!
  9. jjf


    Many thanks sb4me.

    Are you right on Collins, if so is the a noise level to stay above ..ie stay above 7th level etc.
  10. Do you know of a good website with condos for sale in your area? and a rental website. I guess craiglists would be good place to start.
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