Where to start.

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by Bigandrewgold, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Well I have a trading method which i use and it works well for me. It involves just seeing if a few conditions are met. so like when the 3rd condition is met i will buy then when one of them stops being met i sell.

    But the issue is that it only happens about once a day per stock so i dont get to use it that often. So i was thinking that if i could make a program that monitored many stocks and either bought them for me or alerted me when the conditions were met that i could make more money.

    But first i was thinking that i should test it either using historical data or current data but not actually invest anything, but keep up with how much i would make and stuff.

    So how can i go about this, I can program in vb.net and if I have to c# but besides that i cant really program.(but wouldnt mind if i had to learn another language)

    So where can i either get historical data or current/delayed data for my program to parse for free, how does the data look to my program(like, how is it formatted), how could i "make" some common indicators for my program to look at, and do you have any suggestions on where to start