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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by tortoise, Dec 23, 2007.

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    Ok, I know next-to-nothing about automated trading. Just last night, I figured out how to code a strategy in EasyLanguage with a fixed target and fixed stop loss. Like I said, I know next-to-nothing.

    Now, I've also invested, by my best guess, approximately 9000 hours in market study and observation, which includes real-time monitoring of most every tick of the ES during RTH for the past two and a half years. Yet it was only this past Thursday, a few minutes after the open that I realized I had finally learned how to trade. Or perhaps I should say, I realized that I had learned how to learn, whilst making a buck along the way.

    In any event, I write this so we can get past "first find your edge, then learn about mechanical systems." I believe I've found my edge. But note the verb, "believe." I'd like to bring a bit more quantitative rigor to my beliefs than I have been able to so far with a handwritten trading journal.

    So, again, where to start if one wishes to learn the "how" and "what" (and, I suppose, "whether") of automated trading? I'm an intermediate EL coder, self-taught, with no computer science training. I do have a math/economics background (The University of Chicago), but that was a while ago. In any event, I am willing (and eager) to do the hard work of building a foundation: Obviously, I don't want to waste time and effort on that which is less-than-necessary, but I'm not expecting shortcuts, either.

    Thanks, in advance, for anyone's illumination
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    Go read Van Tharp's "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom"... the title is hokey, but the book discusses system development in detail. I found it very informative, especially in highlighting what aspects of a system are most important.

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  3. John Joseph is an amazing systems developer and educator, and I would highly recommend his recent free webinars. There is one today (http://www.mirusfutures.com/futures_webinar_nextd_position_sizing.htm) but they are also recorded, so you can watch them on your own time. He does live seminars too but the free webinars are a good place to start. The Truth about Drawdowns is important for ALL traders to watch. This is a guy who has many years of experience, and has audited (positive) results to back up his credibility.
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    Interesting synopsis on that link about John's talk. Position sizing is one of the heavily emphasized topics in Van Tharps book.

    Thanks for the link!