Where To Start With Futures Trading?

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  1. Is there a good resource to learn more about trading futures? Where does one start to research the different markets? Not strategies, but more the nuts and bolts on how they trade. When contracts expire; how to roll them over; what the 'front month' contract is and when does it start trading; what each contracts multiplier is; what their tick size is; how much a dollar move equals per contract; what the margin is as far as overnight; what the average volume is (I know chart packages will show me this); what hours each contract trades; If you are holding a position overnight and have a stop in since it trades 24hours a day, how likey you are to get stopped out on 0 volume ect... I have read 'A Traders First Book On Commodities' by Carley Garner, and was a little disappointed in it to be honest. I think the CBOT and CME used to offer classes, but I don't think they do anymore. I've watch a few of the webinars online and they are ok.
  2. Wish I had google when I was starting out.
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    The best place to learn about futures is to study the graphs


    if u are a small trader and plan to subscribe 3rd party educational/system vendors, u will go thru the cycle. u will keep reloading your accounts till u are dead broke


    if u joined the house, your success will begin there


    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!


  4. Nice try dipshit you have only posted this a few times..
  5. Thanks for the reply, extremely helpful didn't know such thing existed! Can I use this for other stuff too? What if I googled the term prick, would your name show up as a good result?
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    They still do and maybe the classes they offer is something you're not interested in "Education" section @ http://www.cmegroup.com
  7. Thanks, yeah I've seen most of them, I will take another look
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    Try a free 2 week trail with topsteptrader
  9. Thanks, not a bad idea. I'm not looking to intraday trade them (swing), and I just wanted some information on the basics of the actual contracts. I probably have an old CFA book laying around.
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    Go to one of the Brokers with a good user community, for example Esignal, Metastocks, Tradestation. Avoid the "ghetto" Metatrader Brokers.
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