Where to See the List of ETFs with Most Rising Popularity?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Cyrix, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Is there a website where I can see which ETFs are gaining popularity the most?

    It could be based on inflows, volume, asset under management, or other matrices.

    I want to know which ETFs are becoming hot, quantitatively.

    Thank you.
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    If you go onto Yahoo charts you can plot this by yourself and find the answers.
    First off, you need etf's which track the best sectors, no point for example testing a etf which tracks a laggard index.
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    The ranking list of rising popularity I am looking for is exactly for that - finding out the best sectors/asset class/styles/factors, not the other way around.
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    Ok, before I go further, what stage are you at in your trading journey, noob, just learning or are you trading real money?
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    I have been trading for 10 years, but I have exhausted ideas for sectors/asset class/styles/factors. That's why I am looking for a list of ETFs with rising interests which may help me, every week, discover areas where I haven't thought of.
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    Ok, I was asking the question to determine if you needed basic spoon fed type info to get you onto the right tracks.
    I'll attempt to assist, but am not sure the meaning of "styles/factors".
    Barchart.com has lots of info if you are inclined to do research.
    My way I would probably approach this if you didn't have access to a good trading software or broker info is go this way....
    On barchart hit this link first off.... https://www.barchart.com/stocks/sectors/industry-performance
    Under the title of '1 month industry performance' is a dropdown box to change the lookback period.
    Then when you have determined the better sectors, go this this site to find the etf codes on these sector, actually a better way is google the sector and this website name...this is an example....

    Ok, now you have some etf's, which is the better....?
    This is where you use Yahoo.
    Here's a yahoo link which is comparing a couple of indexes, just use this as a template, you can add as many stock/etf codes as you like by adding into the 'compare' box.
    You will then get to compare the charts.
    Another way is to set up googlefinance sheets, spreadsheets, this will give you info in more data form rather than chart form.
    Hope this is what you were thinking along the lines of....?
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