where to now with crude

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  1. Does anyone think OPEC can curb. at least in the short term, crude prices this week. I want to short at 55.50.
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    Too many supply variables in play to short crude, except maybe for an intraday play. Where would crude go if Nigeria or Iran had a supply dislocation overnight? Anyways, its the lack of refineries thats the bottleneck, not crude supply. Plus Venezuela has gutted their oil indstry for politcial reasons.

    Too much risk, IMHO.
  3. The short answer is no, not now and not anytime soon. Good luck!

  4. Dont forget about hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico.
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    I guess I don't understand why crude would go up because of refining problems. I can understand why refining problems would lead to increases in diesal and other crude by-products, but can someone explain the rationale on why the state of refineries would have an impact on crude prices?
  6. I just watched these morons on fox news going off about "dig, dig, dig more oil".

    It's only 300+ acres of Alaska's delicate preserve we need to cut into.
    It's only the majestic Rocky Mountains that we need to stomp on.
    It's only our precious coasts that we need to contaminate.
    It's only the fuckin environment we could care less about.
    It really makes me sick!

    Why on God's green earth, can't we finally be considering renewable/alternative energies with sincerity? :(

    I have a dream.
  7. Why?!!!

    Here's why:

    1). Because the overwhelming majority of people are - unfortunately - moronic idiots who couldn't care less.
    2). Because the politicians those morons elect couldn't give a shit about the environment. As far as they are concerned they would be long gone when these become the burning issues. (i.e 100 years supply == infinite supply in their terms - but I digress - don't get me started)

    Beam me up Scotty... you know the rest...
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    Excellent points. Could it have anything to do to do with this type of thinking?
  9. What an ass.
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    So much for worthwhile discussions on CL.
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