Where to meet high-IQ traders and investors?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lentus, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. lentus


    Serious question.
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  2. Real Money

    Real Money

    There is a couple on here, but most of them lose interest in this forum. Trading is so fragmented and requires so much specialization that it naturally divides us. Trader is such a diverse group that it is almost too vague of a description.

    Also, everybody has different reasons for participating on this forum. You basically have to just dig through all of the threads to find the smart guys. Even, then some of them are options guys, bond guys, technicians, or involved in industry in some form or another.

    The thing is, there really is no school that teaches you how to become an elite trader. It kind of sucks. You have to dig and dig through all of the forums. I have spent a lot of time doing this:


    and all the CME site resources. There is a huge amount of mediocre and useless info and discussion out there.

    Bottom line, there is gold in the mine, but you might waste a lot of time trying to find it. LOL
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  3. lentus


    It's easy to see why! Look at the posts! You start asking youself how did these people even scrape together a few dollars to be able to trade in the first place! Total clownfest. OK, not total but 90% you know what I mean.
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  4. lentus


    Honestly, I'm not even looking to necessarily learn from someone. But even to discuss the markets in an intelligent manner. Like you can tell from what someone posts approximately where they land on the IQ scale. It's landing very poorly here on ET and the rest of retail forums.
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  5. gaussian


    "You can tell their IQ by their post" LOL. Hold on I found a photo of you...


    Go suck yourself off on some wannabe MENSA forum thanks.
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    You confirm my point.
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  7. Real Money

    Real Money

    Yea, good traders don't waste time on BS, and they teach themselves how to sniff it out. Most of these guys would fail a simple quiz on basic financial concepts. It's challenging. Honestly, I'm looking for the same thing as you. But, not sure what to do about it. The guys on these forums that obviously know their stuff are so few and far between. But, it really helped me when I got stuck and needed some 'next level' type of hints/suggestions. For me it was learning

    1) Cross Hedging
    2) Capital Efficient Strategies
    3) Actual useful fundamental analysis
    4) Being sure that you know which stuff is a dead end
    5) Knowing ALL of the basics of trading
    6) Math/Stats and programming ability

    Most people are not at this level and when they can't speak intelligently about these topics it's a dead giveaway.
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  8. lentus


    Your suggestion of going in the direction of quants is certainly good. Being a quant requires a certain minimum IQ and diligence.
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  9. gaussian


    LOL neckbeard. You're proving MY point. What color is your fedora? Do you waddle?

    Nice you spent 10 minutes on investopedia making a list.
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  10. Real Money

    Real Money

    I used to read The Economist and Futures Magazine a lot. Futures Magazine is probably a good bet if you want intelligent media.

    LOL @gaussian. The guy is actually pretty smart as far as I can remember from his comments in other threads.
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