Where to look for interns?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mauzj, Aug 3, 2006.

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    I have no budget, but seeing as it's the summer holidays, I was thinking of hiring a young hottie as an intern for a week or two (or maybe just a different one every week).

    Tasks would include answering the phone, making tea and coffee, fetching lunch and sitting there looking pretty.

    I might even be able to throw in live trading on FESX with a 1 lot limit or something to give her live experience.

    Has anyone ever done this? If so, where did you advertise the position?



    P.S. Can I specify in the advert that I'm only hiring pretty college girls?

    P.P.S. Would anyone even be interested in my offer?
  2. If you are serious, then yes you could easily find an intern with a simple ad in the paper, contact local colleges, etc.

    I will say that just offering a 1 or 2 week internship is not going to be that appealing though.

    When I was in college and was considering being a stock broker, I find an internship with the local paper in the help wanted section. It wasn't much - 3-5 hours a day, but it was good for me and good for him b/c I was cheap labor.