Where to look for cars in the US?

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  1. I'm from Germany and want to buy cars (used Porsche) in the US.
    Can anyone tell me where to look for the best cars in the internet, please.

    I already know ebaymotors which is a good site.
    Also autohopper and autonation(not so good, IMHO).

    Are there better places to check cars?
    Apart, is there a region where I can buy cars cheaper than in other regions? I consider to fly to Florida due to the weather.
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    First let me ask... why do you want to buy used Porsche autos in the US. Cars that are made in Germany are generally cheaper over in Germany., even with the fall of the dollar.

    My wife's cousin (born/lives in Germany) used to come over to the U.S. to purchase used muscle cars (Corvettees, Mustangs, etc.) and ship them to Germany. He would spend several months here then ship the cars back there. He made his living doing this. Apparently there was pretty good demand in Germany for these cars even with the high price of fuel, because they were uncommon and unique.

    The best place to purchase the cars are in warm weather environments where they do not put salt on the road in the U.S. This means southern states like Florida and other states in the sourthwest. One reason to select Florida was because you could drive the car directly to the port (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc.) and have a shipping agent get it on a ship at low cost, otherwise you get stuck with paying a service to move the car to the port via car carrier and then pay again to have it shipped across the Atlantic.

    I believe that many cars require inspection and local modification to meet more stringent emissions standards when they arrive in Germany. You should be prepared for this and have the firms that do this prepared for the arrival of your cars.

    Just my thoughts,

    - Greg

  3. I was talking to a German tourist in Ft. Lauderdale a few months back and he said Porsches sold here are MUCH cheaper than in Germany. He also said in recent years 'Vettes have become relatively more common in Europe.
  4. Thanks for your comment, very helpful, Greg.
    Vettes, Mustangs and Pontiac Solsitice are also very attractive,
    I will take a look at them, too.

    At the moment, IMHO, used Porsche Boxster from 1998-1999 are cheap in US in comparison to Germany.

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    Some insane figure like 40-50 % of Porsches entire production is sold in Southern California if memory serves. So Cal or Fla. are your best bets. If you buy them in So Cal you still have to ship it across the country. I'd check Craigs list in Fla as that would prolly have private sellers willing to negotiate down in price. Dallas Texas and Pheonix Arizona good choices too. I believe the US pollution standards are the strictest in the world.