Where to Learn to Trade?

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    It seems everyone who is willing to teach can't trade and makes a living selling educational materials. And those who can trade are paranoid (perhaps rightfully) about sharing their method. How can I find someone who can teach me for a reasonable cost? I don't think this is a stupid question.
  2. Holy mother of moses,did you hear that deafening silence son?That's ET collectively groaning...
    Not a stupid question,maybe, but definately not the right question.
    A bit of background would help for a start.
  3. You are confusing two things here besides using universal qualification like "everyone". Teaching someone how to trade is not equivalent to sharing a profitable method. It seems that you want someone to hand you an edge. Nobody will do that for the type of fee you are willing to pay. Why should they do it? For a small fee, and by small I mean in the order of 10K - 20K, some good people can teach you some market secrets and how to go about finding an edge. But sharing their method? You must be kidding.
  4. you cant. thats 2 different things.

    Selling so called trading systems & real money making trading.

    If you are smart dont take any fucking course, it will safe you money.

    if you really want to learn all this trading stuff, search the internet or read books, there you find the basics.

    There are only one MASTER who can tell YOU how to trade, he is an old dirty bastard and will steal you more money than any course you could take.

    everybody thinks to know him, but in reality nobody does.
    he is a big mysterium.

    He calls himself Mr. MARKET.
  5. Your question has been bantered about for years on ET treads. It is not a stupid question. Let me try to give it a different spin.
    As a preface the typical responses to your post are “Why, in the world would I share my profitable ‘edge’ with you or anyone else” and “Where are you going to find a profitable trader who also has good teaching skills?” But the real answer goes much deeper than that.

    Let us say you were highly motivated and enthusiastic about every aspect of trading my system and you wanted me to teach you to trade it. So I transfer to you the techniques and the specific risk and money management methods and teach you how to make a profit. Then six months later you stop using my profitable swing trading techniques and yell at me telling me these stupid techniques never worked?

    But, how could this happen – system not working? It has worked for me for years? The answer is the system didn’t work for you because you do not have the emotional personality built into you to trade the emotional requirements of this system. You failed the part of the system where money is involved because it is ‘emotional’. This means you and I do not have the same emotional trading temperament and risk management makeup when it comes to making money with a system. This is the most important intangible in a trading system that makes or breaks the system and the trader.

    In doing the lessons learned about why you could not trade my system I told you that you had to learn to handle a minimum of 6 whip saw consecutive losses in congestion before the trend resumed. You could not handle this aspect. You stopped the system. If you had only waited the next trade was a big winner that erased all the losses from the 6 whip saw consecutive losses in congestion. Then we discussed the drawdowns. My system can give big drawdowns if volatility jumps. But you could not handle waiting thru these large drawdowns. You thought the system was no longer working and stopped it. But the drawdown was recovered quickly once volatility cycled back to normal.

    So what works for me is a failure for you. This is the reason that most successful traders will tell you that you must build a system and trading method that fits your own emotional trading temperament to be successful.
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    absolute correct
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    the best way to learn trading is by doing it. open an account and trade!
    Read a bunch of books and visit here frequently. Forget about the trading teachers/coaches and others who would sway you in any direction. If you need a coach, you might as well give up now, because you will just piss your money away and trading is not for you....
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    So is everyone supposed to find their own edge? No matter how long that takes if ever? The best you can get is someone telling you "hey look in that general area!" ? I know guys who've been losing or bleeding slowly their accounts for years. Some over ten years. The screen time thing isn't working for them. And they're far from either dumb or psychologically weak/undisciplined. And are successful in life/career, otherwise.
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    Not everybody can be a trader. Not everybody can be a teacher, a lawyer, a janitor, a construction worker, etc...
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    Learn to trade for a reasonable cost you say?

    Alot of medical schools are 40-50k a year and that's just the first year. Not to include the bachelor's degree required to even apply. So you can see how the cost of becoming a doctor could easily reach over 200k easy.

    Yet everyone wants to learn how to trade for a "reasonable price" which usually means a couple of hundred dollars or a couple thousand.

    Doctors median income is like 150k a year. Good traders earn many multiples of this... many many multiples.

    Are you starting to see how unrealistic this question might be?

    Time to grow up and be logical.
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