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  1. ashura001


    If I have $600K fund to trade in fx, where is the best place to put my money?

  2. Oanda...not only do they pay you 4% interest on your available cash, they are honest.

    Their one unt trade increments and the fact that they pay interest second-by-second daily to your balance and not a rollover to price quote adjustment, sets them apart from the others.

    IB would be your other choice...but with less pairs and benefits.

    Michael B.
  3. Peter35


    Oanda is the only broker that will let you trade as low as 1$. The transfer between your bank and your trading account is fast in both directions.(Less than 48 hours)
  4. ashura001


    is oanda the only best option here?
    I heard about fxall or currenex? any idea pls
  5. Try CoesFX. You asked for the best not a whole list...
  6. sccz97


    these ecns are for institutions or ppl with a little more capital than $600. As MichaelB said ... give oanda a try
  7. our thread author said $600,000.00....not $600.00.

    In the USA some use the letter K as the thousands indicator...

    Michael B.
  8. sccz97


    my bad, only gave it a quick scan. Well .. if the guy knows what he's doing .. he'll have more than on broker
  9. This is very good advice, I agree.

    Michael B.

  10. Check site bellow for comparison between brokers

    I am currently trading Forex with IB, and Stocks-Options with Tradestation.

    Enjoy the trading adventure.
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