Where to host rackserver vs IB

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    I'm looking for information on where IBs US servers are located, and some ideas for places to host a rackserver nearby. I seem to recall from somewhere that it's in NJ, would that be correct? Any pointers appreciated.
  2. They have different farms for stocks and futures (and probably others). These are probably located near NY and Chicago respectively.
  3. I thought the US servers were all in the same place in the US (NJ perhaps). The issue now is latency and resilience with big bandwidth low latency connections being "cheap" collocation isn't so important unless you're in the ultrafast game. That would lower your cost of equipment resilience and technical staffing for given objectives.

    If one was serious about this question though, et isn't the place to be asking. One would be talking to IB about it directly.
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    Well, you are in fact right, kiwi. It's just that even with the VIP people at IB it takes some time to get straight answers on tech questions - so I figured I'd invest a minute to see if someone here actually knew and enlighten the community in the process. I'll try to get some straight answers from IB and post it here as a followup.
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    I'm going to ping this thread, just because I'm also interested in the answer.
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    If you run 'netstat' from a DOS window while you're connected via TWS, you'll see the addresses you're linked to.

    My system is going to 'gw1.ibllc.com' and 'mktgw1.ibllc.com'. Running tracert, I can see both of these addresses are in Boston. Sounds like locating in the NE might be a good idea.

    Just on a whim, I also ran tracert tests on gw2, gw3, gw4, gw5.ibllc.com... and they're ALL in Boston.

    IB's website claims they have servers throughout the world, but I don't see it. Can other IB customers also run the test, and see if you're being directed towards a different server?
  7. FIX servers are in Connecticut.

    Closest you can get is the local Savvis co-lo. Pretty expensive for the few milliseconds it will save you.
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    I'm interested in this too. If anyone has found out any info it would be greatly appreciated.