Where to go to learn options???

Discussion in 'Options' started by andytk5, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. andytk5


    Where would you guys recomend going to learn about options as in books, online courses, etc.. CBOE, Investools, books, etc???
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  2. andytk5


    thanks, im in the classes there already. Im trying to soak it up. Plus I have 2 books on options that I am reading in the next couiple of weeks "getting started in options" and "options made easy".
  3. Options are tricky. I thought it was the easier way to make money. Nope wrong. !! Be careful! !
  4. iprph90


    once you learn the basics, put in hundreds of hours of screen time and pay attention to option price movements with respect to the "greeks". you may want to start with options on major indexes (ie.spy, iwm, etc.) never sell naked puts unless you plan on owning the stock....do not do it for income!!
  5. tsaw


    If you are in Singapore , you are welcome to join my options trading nights .


  6. andytk5


    Thank you for the invite, I am in Fl, USA though.

    Just chatted with an Investools rep., 16K for basics and up to 28k for advanced options calsses... Really??

    I have found it interesting ever since I graduated college and had my first job, they teach you how to make the money but never what to do with it.. There still doesn't seem to be "investing" classes listed in colleges, or any undergrad majors that focus or market education, Finance but that still doesn't get into our territory from reading the course focus.

    I mean where do the "wall street" guys get there education, where is a purely market oriented education to be found?
  7. spindr0


    Buy books (physical or virtual)
    Borrow books (library, friends, kleptomania))
    Google (web search any topic)

    FWIW, Kindle download is free for your computer and you can preview the first few chapters of a book for free
  8. andytk5


    thanks, I have two books that I am going to read front to back, and see where I am at then. Also going thru the free CBOE online stuff.

    We'll see where I am at once this homework is finished. Thanks for the replies everybody.
  9. lindq


    You sound as though you are a novice at trading in general.

    Just a friendly word of warning: Novice and Options when mixed together can be very lethal.
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