Where to go after the CyberTrader Sabatage?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dinoman, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. dinoman


    This is a thread to help those current CyberTrader user's find a place that is most comparable to CT.

    It is obvious that Scwhab wants to smoooth over this change into SSP (Street Smart Pro).


    Its is also clear at this point that our Money market rate of the current 4. +% will be reduced to a laughable 1% at best.

    Our excecution fills will be lackluster.

    Total market access will be limited based on screwy market time limitations. (before market after market LIMITATIONS)

    At this point I have been looking at IB and Noble Trading.

    IB, I am yet to be aquainted with.

    Noble seems good yet they lack any current ability for any relative active trading scannners!


    This is my current 2 cents at this time.

    If you have any progressive things to add for those ready to leave this lack luster change buy Schwab please provide any helpful thought for other traders.

    Just a currently happy CyberTrader looking for other trader's that are about to experience a possible ugly scenario.
  2. JM64


    I just opened a Tradestation account after being with Cyber for about three years. I am going to wait and see what happens as I also have Schwab accounts and use sspro sparingly. Just for swing positions really. I also think it sucks that they cant just use the same features as cyber since sspro is a dumbed down version of it. But it seems to me that Cyber is probably not profitable so Schwab needs to make adjustments in order to make it work. IMHO.

    As an aside some of Schwabs features are great, but not designed for daytrading.
  3. Schwab SUCKS for daytading. go straight to tradestation if you want something similar to CT.
  4. dinoman


    Thanks for the reply , but I find it hard to see a company like Scwhab buying another company (CT) if it was not profitable or didn't have a potential for a good investment. Just ask the founder how much he banked!
  5. dinoman


    What about the short share availabilty though? Has that been corrected? Or are they far and few between on getting any on almost all stocks?

    What about the continuos complaints that have been stated on the data feed being lackluster at best?
  6. Catoosa


    I think Cyber is probably not profitable enough to satisfy the infinite corporate greed of Schwab.
  7. dinoman


    I will agree to that then again who ever is? If they are, they are most likely out of reach for most on the aquiring stupidity.
  8. FYI: CTRep replied to my post about the 1% rates for new schwab accounts & he said they would give the 4+% rate for existing CT customers who accept the account move to schwab.

    I've been looking at Tradestation as well. But, they offer 0% interest up to $10k, and only 1.125% for account balances over $10k.

    More & more brokers are dropping their commission & data fees & taking your interest money on your account balances. It's like walking in a store & being told you get 50% off, but a clerk reaches in your back pocket & pulls money out of your wallet as your handing the cashier your money.

    What daytrading brokers pay 4%+ interest? Does anyone know?
  9. Catoosa


    IB on balances over $10,000
    MB Trading
  10. i personally like choicetrade, has anyone looked into them?
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