Where to go after Refco?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by MiamiBeach, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Which company are you going to open an account with after pulling out of Refco?

    I am trying to figure out which company offers the same access to all markets electronic and pit traded that Refco did AND still has relatively low commision rates.

    I do not high volume scalp electronic futures, at least not usually. I am more of a spread trader and need access to pit traded and back month contracts.

    Post some ideas on where to go if you care.
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  3. sorry chief, I dont follow these boards as close as you probably do.

    Which thread has the kind of info I am looking for?

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    Try "retail firms" I trade with ProActive futures and use trademaven and love it. Good rates too. Good luck in your search.
  5. Type in Refco in "Search" upper right corner or go to view all threads from where you posted this one.

    Cheers, gov.
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    FIMAT maybe? I'm not sure about their commissions yet. I'm trying to open an account there myself.


    Disclosure: I have no interest in promoting their product, but I should mention that I am affiliated with their parent company.
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    I am also looking for an alternative to Refco. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. How much margin are you putting up? What markets do you need access to? What commission were you paying for each product? There are plenty of firms out there.
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    ignore areyoukidding, shes never made one constructive comment in her life.

    i looked at rgc (rosenthal collins) but their commissions are robbery.

    to be honest, i may just stick with refco to be honest. i havent managed to find anyone that can match what i have at refco yet interms of both cost and service.

    people will say im mad, but im confident my money is safe there. yes, im sure they will be sold - so i'll evaluate the situation again then.

    ive been trading through the worst of this situation and have had no probs. ive been assured by both cme and refco that my money is there and safe if i want it.

    a lot of guys at rts are also sticking around at the moment.

    see what happens. i think the worst is over. (famous last words!!)
  10. RCG ... has been around for much longer than refco ... one approach could be to contact them
    or get a list of IB's that clear through them and
    due your own due diligence

    or even to find a broker like Interactive Brokers LLC for your screen trading and use another one
    (i.e. RCG etc ) for pit trades ...
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