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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by NJ1000, May 7, 2005.

  1. NJ1000


    I was recently trading with E-trade up until yesterday. I live in NJ and want to stay there, I want to get your guys opinions on what places I should check out to trade with. I was thinking of either Genesis or Assent. Which is better, any other suggestions?
  2. Genesis
  3. bright
  4. Dustin


    I traded with Assent for 2 years, then switched to Genesis this year.

    Assent can't compete with Genesis rates.

    The software is comperable.

    Genesis API is better.

    Genesis has occasional disconnects which can be frustrating but worth it to me for the commission savings.
  5. does Bright have a NJ office?
  6. do you need to be licensed to trade with Genesis? and at what margin ratio do they start charging haircuts for your overnight swings? thanks!
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    a little too many disconnects with Genesis.
    maybe not more than IB in my case. but IB is a little more resilient in my experience. Genesis' Laser might be disconnected for a while before you realize it..
    i think they should improve this in the software.
    disconnects are not that common when you are not remote with Genesis.

    regardless : Genesis, all the way for stocks.
    for futs etc.. there are alternatives and I am still very happy with my IB account.
  8. so tntneo you're saying genesis is not reliable and the service is going in and out all day long? that's not good then
  9. yeah but in Cherry Hill. thats outside of Philadelphia i think,
  10. I trade all day every day and have no complaints...

    Genesis is the best for stocks.....
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