Where to get total net long/short positions?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by RandomEvents, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Is this information published anywhere for YM, ES, and NQ?

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    strange question...
    net = 0 in YM, NQ and the other futures...
    if you go long, the other one goes short...

    you mean the indizes, ie. the stocks contained?
    on finance.yahoo.com, you find short percentages of single stocks

  3. I track these from the very first day a contract starts trading to the last..........you have to do it yourself with "market delta" tools running on a 24/7 chart template. I do not know of these computations published anywhere.....never found them myself.
  4. The other day I read an article on Yahoo! that said that last week's net positon in ES for "small traders" was -7500(I don't remember the exact number), the highest since April 2003 .

    What I meant to ask was: where can I find the net position of index futures for those classified as "small traders".

    Sorry for the confusion. I'll post a link to the article if I can find it.
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    ah ok, i know what you mean...
    in gold this might be clearer, there are those that want to physically sell and some who want to buy and lots of traders... the number you mean would be the net long/short of those traders...

    is there really such a statistic for ES, NQ and co.?
  6. Again....you have to do this yourself with a custom time settings (and position size filter) market delta chart template.

    You could track the 19 lot and under position size with one set of data, and the 20 lot and over with another, plus the total overall delta of all order size trades combined.

    This will give you the "little" guy and "big" guy deltas for which you can measure their ratio's (and when one has his neck in the ringer to be taken advantage of.... :) ).
  7. I will add that we are not in any abnormal ratio at this time.....fairly neutral.
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    i guess you use it as a contrarian indicator if "small" trader long/short is big...
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