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    I'm 19, played the stockmarket as a kid with dummy portfolios, and was reading the wallstreet journal when I was 14 :)

    Unfort. I lost my saving ($2000) when I was 16 on American Pad and Paper, and I swore I wouldn't play in the stock market.

    Recently I set up a dummy portfolio and made $11,000 in 2 months (starting with $40k)

    Now I wanna get back in the swing day trading since I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket.

    Someone help me out, I would really like some helpful advice. I would honestly like to do this for a living since I do have a knack for it. I'm currently going to college with an undecided major...
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    Getting used to this messageboard, so let me elaborate some more.

    Would anyone recommend a company for day trading? What type of stocks would you recommend me looking at?

    What websites are best for monitering stock up to the minute?

    Pretty much I'm asking for advice on where to start exactly.

    You can either post or email me:
  3. Hold on to your cash. Do a search. Keep dummy trading until you have found many more answers.
  4. Stick with the books and schoolwork, this is not a time to play with stocks. There are opportunities but the great run has already passed, now comes the great grind.
  5. I'm going to take a slightly less conservative approach than the previous posters. If you have a successful system that you have worked consistently for a long enough period of time to judge is reasonably well, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't put it to work.

    Here's a question for you, though. Have you been day trading you demo account? If not, then why do you want to move away from what has been successful? Do you have reason to believe you can apply the same system in the day timeframe?
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    Eclass, check out the thread "The Top 3 Mistakes Newbies Make"
    may shed some crucial light on where to focus some of your attention.
  7. For retail traders the futures market is much more transparent and fair. There is no day trading rule (3 day trades a week with less than 25K)for small traders. Try trading futures overnight when there is no news coming out and see how you do. Hedge your self with a long option so you can really limit your risk.

    That said you will probably lose all your money. I went broke twice before I learned anything. If you can stick it out though the rewards are tremendous
  8. ###########

    1] Remember your vow-dont play in market-it takes much work!!!.

    2] Study all 4 Schwager top trader books and take plenty of notes/notebook and on pad or paper, not 100% positions.

    3]Hope you didnt risk all 40 k,even on paper, thats too big;:cool:
    a med ed can takes many years, many $$$,
    trading profession usually does also.

    4] Wish i had traded small to start, like 1 share;
    big size /non diversify or big leverage is a %% killer .

    The [written] plans of the diligent tend only to advantage.
    -Solomon,trader/investor king

  9. Four books? I'm only aware of three: Market Wizards, The New Market Wizards, and Stock Market Wizards. Is there another? I know Schwager has written several other market related books.
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