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  1. I've got my new system ordered with 2 GB, 800 Mhz RAM. I want to add another 2 GB.

    I've bought from Crucial in the past, but a little research appears to show that there may be a variety of good brands at lower prices and even Crucial memory may be bought at lower cost from sources other than direct.

    Anyone have recommendations for brands to buy and from where?

  2. I buy from Newegg.com, most of my RAMs in the past were Kingstons or OCZ. Kingstons are slightly cheaper but since I don't run benchmarking, i couldn't tell the difference. both are reliable and good though.
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  4. pricegrabber.com
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    just bought a 1G RAM from newegg, works great so far.
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    of course ebay, you get it at 50% discount...
  7. I like 4allmemory dot com. I have used them twice. A tad bit more, but their customer service is superb.
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    sure..but for trading you need something really reliable, better-with lifetime warranty. newegg is great, if you pick wrong one or there is any errors in memory. they have great support and not bad return policy. plus-delivery usually very quick. to OP-make sure you got perfect match,check MB specs and after you got it -run memtest few times(not sure, if it's still free,if not-i can share copy of old version).
    if you got wrong memory or bad one-it's can give you a lot of problems including random applications crashes,BSOD and so on. google for it.
  9. I'm still researching but thanks to info above here's what I've discovered so far:

    Price from:

    Dell (if included with system purchase): +$258

    Crucial: $158

    Newegg (same Crucial memory): $110 less $40 rebate (til 9/25) = $70.

    Not sure how Crucial compares to other brands at Newegg but the lowest cost after rebates and shipping for a bunch of these similar memory kits is about $60 .

    Wow - what a price difference - even on the Crucial memory! Sure glad I didn't order the extra 2 GB with the system.
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