Where to get my results audited?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by joeystox, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Can anybody advise where an individual should look to have their personal account audited for risk adjusted returns? I've been trading well, and fairly consistently for awhile now, and would like to have access to more capital and a hedge fund type setup. Where should I start?

    I primarily trade futures (including the Hang Seng, Singapore, and most of the US equity indices-bonds too). Periodically I will trade individual stocks, but am basically flat at the close of each market.

    Any constructive advice would be appreciated, and as far as I can figure, I'm averaging around 3% per month with very small drawdowns. I am aware the "big fish" often do 50-70% a year, but I trade my own style and am not comfortable with huge drawdowns.

    Thank you
  2. Try a firm of CPA'S who are authorised to conduct audits.
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    perhaps you have a specific name--somebody proficient in our particular field. obviously you have not had the need to present your numbers to anybody. otherwise, you would have done it yourself.:D
  4. Arthur Andersen, LLP
  5. LOL...

    But seriously, check out http://www.greencompany.com/

    They can probably advise you - and if you are going to create a corporate structure, you'll probably wanna contact them anyway.
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    lol...now that is what i'm talking about.

    i gotta say, i became a member of Elitetrader in '02, and have had maybe 50 posts total (and been on the site maybe 100 times)....always hoping to glean something useful. this question i posed was like a trade (low risk/hi potential reward). but as a real trader i'm gonna stop out of this "trade", and instead eat dinner, then trade Singapore's open. i'm gonna make some more money, no matter how modest, and move on to the next open in HK (9:45pm). but i won't re-visit THIS trade- fo sho....won't even log in again cuz you guys just don't make money-simple.
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  8. You must be one super trader. They were only trying to help you.
  9. Shoot me a PM with your contact details. I work in the industry and can make a recommendation, as well as get you a discount on normal rates (we work with solid firms, recognized and accepted by institutional investors).
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