Where to get large number of "top of book" quotes?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by alanm, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. alanm


    I need a backup source of "top of book" quotes for INET, ARCA, BRUT, and NYSE/AMEX/Naz via an API for 500 stocks. Should be available 07:00-20:00 ET. Price should be under $300/month.

    (IB is not an option because it would require 2000 tickers, and I don't do $16K/month in commissions.)

    Anyone got this?
  2. NYSE TAQ is a good offline source. Then Bloomberg and then ESignal. OpenTick guys www.opentick.com wanted to provide the community with such a service and compete with ESignal pricing but I am not sure if they are up and running already.


  3. alanm


    I'm referring to realtime.

    ESignal either didn't provide the ECN quotes (just a complete L2 or composite L1, limited hours) or not enough tickers last time I looked. Can someone (maybe the ESignal guy) confirm?

    I emailed OpenTick to see if they're up yet.


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  5. Important question for opentick representative:

    How are you able to offer this service for free ?
    I remember you charged $100/mo a few months ago.

    So where is the point here ?

    Do you plan to implement fees in the future, when
    developers have spent time writing code or will this
    be free 'forever' ?

    Thanks for clarification
  6. nlieske


    We will introduce premium services in Q3 & Q4 of this year such as order routing and FIX simulation services. However, market data will remain free, other than exchange fees.

    Our market data is a loss leader. It is the first of its kind.

    We still have some issues to work out with historical data requests. They work, but very slowly. This is due to the 10 terabyte database of historical ticks. A remedy is in the works...

    As for development time, the API is very straight forward and there are samples. Everyone who has tried it has been able to receive data from the feed with minimal efforts.