Where to get industry group charts

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  1. I'm looking for industry group charts. I've analyzed the 9-10 sectors and now I'd like to refine my analysis to industry groups.

    I see IBD has a package for this but it's $1k/year. I don't really want to sign up for a year, I'm not even sure where this is going or if it's even going to work.

    Are there any other options? I've checked yahoo, they have charts but only for 5 days. Who's idea was that?

    I checked google and msn, nothing. I've found market watch but the charts a bit limited. For example one can't add indicators or view a weekly chart.

    Any others?
  2. There is an excel file here:

    It has the symbols for all the Industry/Supersector/Sector/Subsectors that they use on market watch, but you can chart these index symbols in almost any charting platform, so you wont be limited to website charts.
  3. Very cool, thank you very much!

    I can't get the symbols to pull up with Fidelity or IB, but I can get them at stockcharts.com so I may sign up for an account there.
  4. I signed up for a 7 day trial at IBD for their industry groups package. I thought it'd take twice as long to go through twice as many industry groups, but in fact it goes quicker because their software is so good. Then finding a list of stocks in the industry is just a click away. With the dow & other industry indexes I wasn't able to find a list of the stocks in the index. a bit frustrating really.
  5. Try Worden Bros. , TC2000. You can sign up for a trial, 30 day I believe and there is all the groups and related stocks one needs:


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    Industry Groups is a subset of the $1000/yr Daily Graphs Online subscription at IBD, or at least it used to be. I seem to recall just Industry Groups was maybe $300-400. That said, the charts are very basic and I don't believe you have the capability to customize them. It's very easy however to get a list of the stocks in the group and to drill down into individual charts.
  7. This is correct, it's around $300. But you'd have to type the symbols into another chart package to see the individual stocks. I find it goes much faster when using their stock graphs as well. It's around $700. So that makes $1000 and you get the screener for free.