where to get free option charts

Discussion in 'Options' started by watchdaride, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Looking into learning about options and presently have esignal but they charge extra for option data. Does any one know where i can get basic charts showing the price movement of stock options?
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    Also Thinkorswim provides them in their software platform.
  4. think or swim i believe you have to have an ac with them.
  5. You can watch here each chart for a minute or so as a trial:
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    It does not take much to open the account. Heard the option paper trade in TOS is coming very soon too.

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    optionsXpress has all these too: free real-time Prophet charts, virtual trading, options real-time book quotes, screener and position analysis, etc.. I have an account with them, but no experience with TOS of which I've heard only good words.

    In my opinion, the quality of the order fills is the most important thing when you shop around for an options broker.

    Currently I'm trading only equity options, and I almost never look at the options' charts. I went through a phase in which I used to look at them quite often, but I found there's no benefit for me in doing it. It's more useful to look at the underlying chart, volatility charts, and options' oder books.