Where to get E-minis?

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    thx easyrider..maybe its me but I'm still unclear as to what does what and what you get for what price..

    i shall e-mail cme as well..as for registering on the www.cme .com
    ..maybe I'm tired..thx anyway
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    You can subscribe to LiveCharts basic for $9.95 from Quote.com; and add E-mini Realtime for $10 (exchange fee).

    Thus, you'll have streaming realtime Emini and stock Quotes , T&S and Charts (with size up to 1024x768) for $19.95/mo. (which is in your $10-$20/month pricerange target):)
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    Interactive Brokers offers emini naz and S and P quotes for 10 dollars a month, without opening a futures account. So far, quotes seem reliable.
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  5. QuoteTracker just got ahold of e-mini quotes from IQ Feed for a
    $50 basic fee plus another $20 fee for the e-mini's. Haven't
    tried this combination so don't really know how well it works...
    You also get 500 stock symbols along with the e-mini quotes to
    run in QT.

    The quotes are RT tick-by-tick. And of course the QT software is
    free if you like to look at ads running all day long. Or if you
    pony up $60 the Medved's will get rid of the ads for you.

    IQ Feed has a 7 day free trial. You can access the IQ link at
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  6. version77, actually, IQFeed just changed their pricing yesterday for QuoteTracker users. They lowered the fee to $20 per month and waive the setup fee. Therefore, you can now get max 500 symbols for $20 + $20 for futures (+$3 for NASDAQ, NYSE, Amex assuming you want those :) ). Tick-by-tick.

    Jerry Medved
    2GK, Inc.
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  7. So for $43 you get Realtime tick-by-tick on 500 symbols and the
    emini's? Are the e-mini's tick-by-tick?

    By the way here is the link to the IQ Feed page for anyone

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    IQFeed: "While other quote feeds resell data from 3rd parties such as S&P Comstock, all IQFeed data is direct from each exchange. Our feeds are the fastest because we eliminate the middleman."

    check here for CME´s "direct" quote vendors :



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    Hi .anybody used e-signal and realtime/bar chart.com..

    for just the e-minis..a comparison..??

    thx mbt3
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  10. version77,

    Yes, that is correct. ($43 with futures, $23 just stocks)

    As for "direct" quote vendors, IQFeed is #19 on the list - Data Transmission Network (DTN).
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