Where to get a journal?

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    I've been trading now for a number of years, and one shortcoming I've always had is that I've never recorded all my trades. Sure, I have broker statements, but never recorded WHY I entered the trade, the chart formation/indicator that prompted me to enter the trade, the lessons learned from my win/loss, etc., etc. etc.

    I am currently looking for a pre-printed journal that I can purchase so that I can finally do the above. Loose leaf would be ideal. However, ideally, I would like to know if there is computer software out there that will do this.

    Can anybody help?

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  2. Hi logikos,

    I use Excel for mine. If you are good with Excel, you can get it to do a lot.
  3. Heres an idea. Take a piece of paper and a ruler and lay it out exactly the way you want it , then make a bunch of copies. I know this is a little old fashioned but I did it and it works pretty good.:)
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    Excel is probably the best for customizing to your needs depending on how detailed or generic you want your trade analysis to be.

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    OK, OK. I get the drift. Nobody's going to hand it to me on a silver platter... :)

    I'm not going to piss and moan about my overworked/underloved schedule, but I was just kind of hoping I could pay $20 for some pre-printed stuff so I don't have another thing on my To Do list.
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  7. Trader profile works good have you tried them?

    Description below. website is

    Imagine a trading assistant that can keep track of every trade you make. You never have to manually input data. Imagine your assistant recording other information, such as: the values of technical indicators at the time you made each trade; what direction and how fast the stock was moving at the time. Then imagine your assistant presenting your trading performance in a compelling graphic format.TRADERProfile does this and more.

    TRADERProfile categorizes and measures your trading behavior - allowing you to answer questions like:

    How well have I done shorting strong stocks in a strong market?
    Have I been better at my day trades or my overnights?
    What has been the effect on my P&L of averaging up and down?
    Has it been better for me to go long a stock over its 10 day moving average or under it?
    What is my record shorting gap openings up versus gap openings down?
    TRADERProfile analyses can highlight your personal strengths and weaknesses. They can help you discover relationships between your trades and many factors you may not even be considering. They can allow traders who go in "streaks" to look for changes in their trading styles. The goal is to help you be a better trader.

  8. Yes, but to use it you have to be a part of the selected (both of them) brokerages.....