Where to get a free daily chart on the Baltic Dry index?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Happy Hopping, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Is there a web site to give daily, monthly and yearly chart on the Baltic Dry index? Any1 please help.
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  4. Thank you. I'll dig into it. I was tied up w/ some computer technical problem, and can't get back here sooner.

    Really appreciate the info
  5. What is it ?

    Who calculates it ?

    Does it have derivatives ?

    If so how are they cleared and traded and by who ?

    Who are the big players in it ?

    What times does it kick off ?

    What are the biggest macro/micro influences to it ?

    Are there any regulatory regimes that govern it ?

    What is a Capesize/Panamax/Handymax/Supramax ?

    This is a basic research task that as a "trader" you should be able to do, if it was say looking for a broker to offer trading on Zimbabwean Dollars/Nigerian Niara then you could be excused, but for a mainstream item, really, there is no excuse at all

    Anyway, answer those questions and you will know enough about it to appear on Bloomberg :D
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  7. I don't touch trans. sector, long or short. I am only looking at the index to gauge the US macro economy