where to get a big buy power?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by largezhu, Jun 25, 2006.

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    I trade on margin. anyone know where to get a high buy power?

    I want to have a leverage of 10 but finding it difficult to find such a broker. Anyone know?

    waiting for the reply.
  2. are you a very powerful and wizardous trader, able to handle 10-1?

    then you would not be begging here for the information.

    hope you don't get an answer.
  3. I should emphasize that it is not I that hopes you dont get an answer, YOU should hope you don't get one.

    10-1, for 99% would be like being handed a lit stick of dynamite, or worse.


    What happened to his account when the stock came off halt.

    Or is it just a bad souffle?
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    Platinum Traders (www.platinumtrading.net ) supposedly gives one up to 10x buying power. I have no experience with them, so I couldn't give you any feedback on them. One big catch that I do know of though, is that you don't really get your own account with them. You only have a subaccount, which is part of one big account. The problem with this is that your money is not insured like it is in a normal account. Also, they are not actually broker/dealers, they are just a group of traders with pooled money that works with an actual broker.
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    What you probably want is a prop firm. Look in the prop firm forum for more info.
  7. Forex offers leverage into the triple digits...if that blows your dress up....
  8. Dustin


    10:1 is the minimum provided by most prop-retail firms (like Genesis, Bright, Assent etc). You can often get much more than that with some experience and trust.