Where to for the dollar in 2007

Discussion in 'Economics' started by fearless9, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Where is the dollar heading in 07?

    What are the best holds?
    The Euro may have the potential for good trading gains and the Aussie may offer a mix of interest and capital gain.

    I would be interested in your thoughts.
  2. anomaly


    Everyone is so bearish on the dollar, last year, the year before that, and now. It seems to me that the path of least resistance is higher for USD. Markets always move in the direction you secretly don't want them to (in order for everything to "make sense"). :)
  3. That is what I thought someone would say and it is exactly what I do not want to hear.
  4. Hm, I would think that the turnover in Congress may bode well for our pitiful little greenback. The free ride the multinationlist scum suckers have had over the last few years may just about be over now that some REAL americans have a little say so. Hopefully that will be the case and the yardsale will be over.
  5. disregard comments you never read it here or elsewhere aliens

    Lower mostly (in monthly terms) until march 23rd 07, then uppish to around august the 8th, then solid spiral down until april 08.
    you didnt read this here