Where to find short interest rates on IB statement?

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    I'm having a hard time finding the interest I'm being charged on my short stock positions. I see aggregated "interest accrual" entries on my daily statements but I need this on a per security basis, obviously, in order to what I'm paying on each position. Any help appreciated.
  2. They do not charge them per security.

    They charge them on your overall cash debit balance.

    Depending on your balances, you can short stocks with no charges .

    In general, it is impossible to apportion the charge to individual positions.

    I believe that other brokers would be the same.
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    argh is this serious? how can one buy something without knowing the cost? I mean I understand the cost cannot be known with certainty in advance here, but not even after? if I were associated with such a process I would be embarrassed ...
  4. You can look up the short stock indicative rate for each position in Account Management beforehand, but it all gets aggregated on your statement. It's going to be the same rate on your credit balance, unless you're short hard to borrow stuff that accrues negative interest.
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    If you PM, me I can provide you with the information you are seeking.
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    Thanks IB-AN for the quick response and info.