Where to find out the current holdings by the famous fund managers like buffet?

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    I wish to know the stock, asset holdings of funds managed by Soros etc.

    I remember there's a site somewhere.

    was it barrons?
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    and where do these people get the info? where's the original source?

    by the way, gurufocus shows the holdings of a fund manager. if there any site that shows the holdings of the fund? Like the holdings of Quantum Fund instead of Soros's holdings.

    Just in case the manager has more than one fund
  3. 13F-HR
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    so you mean Quantum Fund have to report to SEC?
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    have BB? PHDC <go> or HOLD <go>
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    what's that? BB? PHDC? HCLD?
  7. Assets are reported to the SEC by entitiy, not by "fund" AFAIK. One legal entity could run more than one fund. There is no way to know what specifically a certain hedge fund holds, especially as stock sold short is not reported to the SEC.

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    BB - Bloomberg - you can pull up asstes by specific fund or pull up a security by cusip and pull up who owns that particular stock or bond & how many shares/bonds.
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