Where to find most recent news ?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Tarl_Cabot, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. At 1:56 pm EDT there was a big spike up on the NASDAQ.

    Nothing at all on CNBC - if we are lucky, they might talk about it tomorrow afternoon. :)

    Is there a web site or other source that would report the sort of news that might cause this ?

    PS I realize that this particular spike might just be some institution making a large purchase all at once, but I am asking more about the general case of situations where news causes it.

  2. Likely the stereo typical 2:00 ebtry by a hedge fund.
  3. They finally reported it several hours later on CNBC... it was an error by the NASDAQ, which was corrected later (you can see the matching down spike on the chart)... no doubt the big plateau in the chart that resulted will be used in many Technical Analyses later to justify something or other. :D :D

    Still looking for the best "Breaking Financial News" web site...
  4. SteveD


    Briefing.com had it on as it happened.....

    Sorry, bubba, but you have to pay to play.....

  5. Drew07


    jagnotes.com .....I dont know how useful it is....anyone use it or heard of it????
  6. Be careful, most news you hear/read don't really move the market.

    News that really move markets have been already discounted in the price.

    The business of newspapers and tv shows is only to sell advertising spaces, not to profit from investments.
    They provide "reasons" for the market move so you don't change the channel.

    They prepare both scenarios, rally or decline, in advance looking for "reasons" for the move, and after the market closed they state the "reasons".
  7. That's a pretty funny one ! No, two pretty funny ones !!

    Both points easily proved false by March 21, 2007 2:15 pm Eastern Time.