Where to find detailed free historical stock information from OMX, Nasdaq and NYSE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SwedLars, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. SwedLars


    I'm a newbie in stocks but have searched me to this area since I'm good at numbers and in a process of developing a software to predict stock changes (I suppose you have heard this before).

    I have now developed a software that is in an early ALPHA stage where my next step is to train the system on historical stock changes.

    So far I have "trained" my system with the following information shares from OMX, Nasdaq and NYSE,:
    * Each day's start and end stock price
    * Each day's high and low
    * Each day's volume

    Now, I have reached a level where I would need to have more detailed historical stock information, at least with high and low by the hour on the basis on stocks at OMX, Nasdaq and NYSE.

    The above information, I know that it's available, but when I do not have any money set aside for this information, I wonder if you could tell me where this information is available for free.

    Since I will train the system on historical stock information, i don't need the stock data in real time, so it is OK with data that is old.

    Thanks in advance, please do not hesitate ask me questions, please give me tips on other forums that can provide answers to these questions.