Where to find csv files on historical stock prices?

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    Any sites to download csv files on historical stock prices that includes, open, close, high, low, volume, avg volume, etc?

    I tried searching but only came across some sites that were pretty expensive. I know yahoo finance has historical prices that you can download on excel but I need a much larger database and to be able to download these files faster.

    I'm able to strip the data from these csv files.

    I'd prefer free:D
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    sometimes free is maybe best price,but not the best choice.you will have to deal with tickers additions\deletions, adjust to splits,dividends,server problems,internet disconnections and stuff like that..i use QP2 for almost a decade and let them deal with all above.26$ a months imo pretty decent price for accurate EOD data. they do have export to ascii,csv files, plus you can access to their database directly using VB,C+


    custom scans using their builded in functions-
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  5. Go to http://finance.yahoo.com/
    In the Get Quotes box, type in any ticker you want.
    Click Historical Prices, scroll down toward the bottom.
    Click Download to Spreadsheet.
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    You all provided excellent resources to get historical data but nobody has answered my request:(

    I've tried Google and dare I say Bing, in researching the topic but I like U2, I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

    You see, I can strip the data off the csv files, nobody how large the database is; the larger the better.

    So, being able to find companies that you pay for historical data, although great, I'd prefer .csv files because I have the software to be able to download the .csv files.

    Thanks everyone for your links and suggestions:)
  7. I use amibroker with amiquote... i use free yahoo data for EOD. Works great, and there is also fundamental data pulled from yahoo that works well too... I can do queries and filters on all the fundamental data, or just do plain old backtesting on prices. I haven't tried backtesting on fundamental data though, because yahoo only shows the most recent fundamental data...
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    Yahoo and Google end-of-day data will do the trick (and its free).

    But if you prefer a pay service, try TC2000 from worden.

    I have been using it for over a decade. I pay around $20 a month for Gold with 2 year subscription.
  9. Um. Yahoo, Google, MoneyCentral. These all use .csv format. It's not Excel format, it's csv. You can open it in Notepad, OpenOffice, etc, it's not in Excel's proprietary format.
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