Where to find cheaper 21" moniters

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  1. I am currently in the market for one or two 21" moniters. They can be used (prefer with warranty) or new. I am setting up a home trading station and will eventually upgrade to the flat screen moniters but for now want some lower priced, yet decent moniters that I will have for about a year. I know some traders on here know of some websites that have deals. Also any traders in Southern CA who know of a good store to go to would also be appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  2. dosent work very well to get used 21 monitors online. they are so heavy the shipping costs as much as the monitor.the last one i bought cost $80 to ship. you might want to consider new 19s. you can pick those up at best buy for < $150.
  3. I bought another 21" a few months ago, and shipping was pretty
    expensive - they weigh near 60lbs. But like Vhehn mentioned, I
    wish I had went with 19's and went with LCD's.
    Space becomes a factor, 21" CRT's are huge! In the space that
    2 - 21's take up, you can fit 3 - 19" LCD's. Of course, that being
    said, price then becomes a large factor. If your looking to buy
    new, you might check out; www.pricewatch.com

    There are also a number of sites that sell refurbished, which is
    usually hit or miss. The only other thing I can suggest is checking

    You mentioned your in Southern CA, look through the dealers
    on Pricewatch, when you pull up the product you want. There's
    a ton of dealers down there!

  4. the shipping on my 19 inchers were only like 30-50 each if i rember...if you can find cheap monitors its not bad...
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    I've got a Dell (Sony) P1110 (21 inch) that's black that I need to get rid of cheap.............. I'll call you in the next few days. I'm waiting for my new notebook that should be coming on Monday so it's good timing if you're interested..... I've actually got two P1110's but I don't know if I want to get rid of both..........
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    At times (monthly), Dell has specials on their 20 inch LCDs. I do not have personal experience with the quality but heard they were decent. I've seen them advertised for $650 to $850 during sales including shipping. Tax is charged since its through Dell Business. The res goes up to 1600x1200 so you dont lose anything by going with a flat panel.
  7. I would rather hold off on the LCD's until later down the road. I am kind of setting up a home office as an experiment and I don't want to outlay a lot of cash in case it does not work out trading from home. This is why I was shooting for a 21" monitors in the $250 or less category for now.
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    What's a moniter?
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    It's the same thing as a dickhed. :)
  10. It is like a monitor but with a little extra magic or just bad spelling by me. They should have automated spell checker for people like me who are too lazy to hit the "check spelling" button.
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