Where to find an "over-reaction"/ "went up too far" indicator....

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  1. I've heard they're horrible, but regardless none of my charting software seems to have it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Click on the "hindsight" tab. :cool:
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    My favorite "went up too far" indicator is Jim Cramer. If he's screaming "buy", it went up too far.
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    I think speed of move is more important than how far price has gone. Small gradual bars with small retracement tells me continue trend whereas fast huge bars is normally exhaustion slippage bars.
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    Overbought indicators will lead to financial ruin. Oversold indicators fall into the category of "useful." Pick your favorite and learn how to use it. Everything works some of the time; nothing works all of the time.
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  8. haha it was actually a joke. I'm shooting par with what I have actually. Just sick of the crazy stuff i've been seeing.
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    When AIG hit 42.85 this morning, it "went up too far" on an "over-reaction" to news. The indicator that indicated this was the %K stochastic (indicating "overbought").

    The incredible usefulness of this indicator was rapidly demonstrated by AIG commencing to run to 45.40, where it clearly "went up too far" on an "over-reaction" to news.

    This sturdy and loyal indicator once again came to the rescue at 46.15 when AIG most certainly "went up too far" on an "over-reaction" to news.

    And let me just say that at 49.94 the ever-ready-to-serve %K stochastic indicated that AIG had indeed "went up too far" on an "over-reaction" to news, but by then your short position may have been just a bit under water :p
  10. Actually it's the Perspective tab, the hindsight tab is only used for confirmation.
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