Where to find a programmer to automatically backtest a system

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    Backtesting is not useless, there is absolutely no logic behind this. I agree that forward testing/paper trading adds more to the backtest, but to say that backtesting is pretty useless is absolute nonsense.
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  2. Did not say it is just useless. I actually said that it is detrimental. That is, leading to sure curve fitting and hence delusional. If it were just useless, it would mean not much harm :)
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    Just drop it mate, seriously. Do you not have better things to do on a Saturday than righting nonsense on a forum and giving people who are reading this really bad advice? I created this thread for a reason and only interested in reading on-topic replies. Not gonna bother reading any more of your posts, don't waste your time.
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    This guy might be able help. adrian@tradingsoft.com
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  5. If you will email me (stev.alex@gmail.com), we can set up a meeting and discuss it. I have been trading over 50 years, and programming over 20. I use TradeStation. I have written and back tested over 200 strategies.
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    What value did you add to the post just before yours?
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    Encouraging self reliance
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  9. I have someone now who wants to partner with me (not through ET), but I have some concerns.

    For one, I don't really like handing over stuff I spent so much time learning, researching and developing on my own.

    Finally, there's also the concern that the programmer gives up along the way OR that he simply decides he's gotten what he needs from me and continues on his own with what I've given him. I'm not really sure if there's any way to protect myself against that, so it's a big risk.

    The obvious benefit is that the end result may become considerably better and more efficient than what I have now.

    There's also the option of simply hiring someone through UpWork or similar. I've worked with programmers there and even shared my "stuff". I'm more relaxed doing that as these guys usually have no financial literacy and pretty much have no idea what they're looking at and do not understand any of the logic underpinning it. For them, it's just code and math.
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    agree not easy. I was more fortunate in this regards as all my partners are long term friends, we all brought various expertise to the table, I am being IT guy with lots of trading experience.
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