Where to find a programmer to automatically backtest a system

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  1. bookish


    The programmer you want makes more money than you. You should learn to do this yourself.
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  2. RedDuke


    When some one says it is not complex, they have no idea what it takes to create proper back test and even less knowledge what it takes to take it and turn it into algo.
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  3. Astrevea


    I don't use reddit a lot but if that is the case I may check it out, although I don't mind paying a reasonable amount on upwork (I am assuming you meant upwork) to get a higher chance of a robust backtest.
    Lol, how do you know how much I make? Do you know anything about what I do outside trading? And even if that is the case, so what if they make more? I don't get you...
    I am not underestimating this 100%.
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  4. bookish


    p.s. Didn't mean to sound insubordinate.

    p.p.s. p.s. means "post script" not what some people sometimes guess it means.
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  5. themickey


    You probably are.
    You need to learn to code yourself.
    Any algo, sometimes even simple ones, need at times scores of tweaks and that's no exaggeration.
    As you begin to run it there will be:.... errors, you'll think of new ideas, you add and subtract stuff from it, change formatting so it's easier to read, scrap it and start a new one, it gets superceded as you mature in your trading, then more tweaks again.
    Having to ask someone to do these tweaks for you because you can't code become a big issue, frustrating and expensive.
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  6. bookish


    The programmer in question already used his skills to make his own system and become fabulously wealthy.

    Case in point, I am the sort of person you describe. I made so much money you wouldn't believe it. Then a turkish mafia controlled Russian double agent in the U.S. military abused the excessive authority he had to steal it, attempt to kill me, and fail. He was last seen in Ukraine trying to get soldiers to rape him.

    So, the programmer in question not only makes more money than you but he is probably dead. Unless he also makes more money than me, in which case he may have been smart enough to use fake i.d.s and launder the money which is actually legal in the U.S. because it is necessary to prevent the military from murdering you and stealing your shit.

    FYI they either force the bank/broker to pretend its them screwing you over without mentioning the military, or they pose as an organized crime syndicate filing vexatious lawsuits to steal it through the courts. You will most likely be dead or falsely imprisoned before they file the suit and a look-alike will respond to the suit.

    Thank god you are very smart and you use E.T. otherwise you may have been successful enough to get yourself killed.

    If that programmer I mentioned is reading this, I need you to do something for me...(joking)

    If anyone here is smart enough to be concerned for their safety send me a private message, unless you are better than me in which case, please help.
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  7. virtusa


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  8. RedDuke


    It is very common for people who do not code to think that some random idea is easy to program even for backtest. One example a small mistake and logic will be looking into the future, which will show backtest results that will blow your mind and etc.

    It takes time and great effort to code. Yes, “Hello World” program is easy, the rest…
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  9. Astrevea


    Ok, thanks everyone for a mix of suggestions, I will look into all the options that have been suggested. Anyone who wants to suggest something else, please feel free do so, I will be keeping an eye on this topic, I will probably also post here once I decide which route I have chosen.
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  10. I've no idea to be honest. But I've seen people I respect speak highly of AmiBroker, hence my recommendation to check it out.
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