where to find a 'more completed' econ calender? ?

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  1. My own calendar doesn't list the consumer confidence would out today. :( But this time the data has quite a big impact on the market. Does any know where could I find a 'more completed' calender? :D
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    10:55 ET More consumer theorizing
    Two more thoughts on the October confidence plunge: first, the October stock rally began on Oct 10, more than half-way through the survey period which ends on the 18th, so the rally probably didn't help the Oct numbers. Second, the sniper shootings probably hurt this reading as well. That may sound like a stretch, but it's supported by the regional breakdown of the numbers, with the Middle Atlantic region seeing by far the biggest plunge in confidence: -24% vs the avg regional reading of -13%. To the extent these theories are correct, they would support a forecast of a healthy confidence rebound next month.

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  6. tell me about it. I had to run and turn on the TV. I thought either the President had been shot or we bombed Iraq.
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