where to download forex data (free) ? newbie

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    Can someone point me where to download forex data (for free)?
    It would be nice with highest resolution. What is the highest resolution? per minute or per change (less then one minute) :wtf:


    I am newbie in forex, just know what it is since 4 days ago. Few good friends/trader teach me how to trade, start with candle stick and indicator:) and gave me few paper from GS on volatile market.

    I start to realise that candlestick and indicator (and other new-for-me math methods) probably can be approach using complex AI program like what I am doing on Artificial Intelligence program (strong AI).

    So, since yesterday, I start to design how the AI program to learn from history (backtest?), detecting current move of market, auto-trade?, etc.

    I am fully aware that this kind of auto-trading? AI system will not able to perform well, no one can predict future! My reference is based on GS 23 May 2006, Volatility agitating Returns (VaR). Image that GS has LOT of tools, run by best mind in the field, yet can not beat VaR, so I dun expect the AI system will able to outperform human. Also, recent weeks, one of season trader has to 'disappear/gone?' from well known fx trading company becoz he made one time 40mil USD/YEN transaction and lost!

    FYI, the AI system constitute of 3 parts:
    1. Learning historical data until last minute
    I expect it able to assess properly like human using various indicators, risk management, etc.

    2. auto-trade? with auto-benchmarking its own result
    - when to enter & close, how many lots?,
    - wathching to cutloost or profit-take
    - trading-simulation prior to enter the market
    - virtual trading prior to enter the market

    3. human can override some decision

    Based on early assessment, it requires 4 computers to run the AI system
    2 for historical analyst
    1 for autotrading and benchmarking
    1 for human to override or manually entering benchmarking data

    For now, it is not worth to subscribe forex data from sources, bcos the AI system is NOT proven yet.
  2. For a while I had a free account with vt-trader. Not bad as free services go. But I got nowhere until I got esignal forex. It ain't cheap but if you want to make it in forex, you need precision tools.
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    I appreciate your enthusiasm to building a trading system. One thing I would point out is that it is very important to use data from your Forex broker or market maker. There is no central exchange when dealing with the FX market and prices (and spreads!) and vary dramatically from place to place.

    There are few places on the net that will provide free data, but please, once you have built and proven your system test it again with data from your chosen market maker/broker to be sure.

    Check out this link:


    It has some links to free Forex data and provides some interesting commentary.

    And here is a link to a place where you can get historical data:


    Best regards and good luck!

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    thank you VERY much for the info! me digesting one by one. Lot of new things for me, all kinds of newbie problems:) Once tested on historical data, then move on to subscribe to local source (among other things) as your advice!

    NZDSPeCIALISt thanks ya:)