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    Hi fellow traders,

    Does anyone where to buy trading books for less? There are quite a few places cheaper than Amazon.com, but does anyone know that one, perfect place for traders to buy books on finance and trading if price is a concern?
  2. Ecow, this isn't a link for books, but if you are concerned about over all price you might want to look here. I had received this on an email a month or so ago and thought it was real interesting, it was for a service that had over 500 trading dvds for rent like netflix, but they were charging like $380 a year for it. I got another email a couple days ago that they lowered the price to $19.95/month with no contract or anything.

    <a href="http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/investor/b.asp?id=1193&img=ino-r13.gif&p=discover">InvestorFlix
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    I'll second www.traderslibrary.com for good prices. Also, if you pm me your email address, I'll send you a $10 off coupon.
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    Seems to be just what I was looking for. Thx.
  5. There are a number of book-specific online price comparison engines. This one has long been my favorite:


    Why I like it a lot: minimalist, no-frills interface design (ISBN, title, author, keywords)... comprehensive, customizable results... very fast... the widest coverage (even eBay Stores), both new and used books. Here's a semi-random example:


    I've no connection of any kind with them, just a satisfied user.
  6. sometimes you can get new titles for

    review copy books ( all sorts of titles not just trading books )
    ... for 50 % off at STRANDS in nyc

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