Where to buy XP Pro SP2?

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    I seem to have lost the original disk that came with my Dell... somehow, my control panel got corrupted/ can't delete programs to install new version. There is a fix but it requires the XP Pro Disk.

    I heard it is available for around $100- but where do I buy it? How do I know it is legitimate?

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    In english please :)
  5. He's suggesting you find an illegal copy somewhere on the web that someone is 'sharing' that you could download.

    That's fine (assuming you don't care about the legality) but if you want it done right, buy a new copy with a legitimate license.
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    Thank you!
    Am a sofware retard: Do you know by any chance if the machine asks me to insert the disk to repair the corrupted part of the control panel... does it only accept the one that came with the new Dell (which I lost) or can I just insert the newly bought one?
    Do I need to reinstall the whole operating system and all the applications again if I use the new disk?
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    call DELL, they may have a better solution. Have your machine number ready in case they ask.
  9. Most likely, you will not be able to use any other disk you come up with. MS has some several dozen versions of XP between OEM, retail, builder versions etc etc etc and the chances of you getting the exact flavor of XP that your current install seeks is slim at best.

    So, expect a full install.

    That said, call Dell and see what they can do. Maybe it's too expensive for their replacement disc, but it's worth a shot.
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