Where to buy TS2000i

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TradeBest, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. TradeBest


    Where can I buy Tradestation 2000i ?
    Anyone can help me?
  2. just21


    edonkey p2p
  3. TradeBest



    I sell my TS2000i, Version 5.00.0822, which is the latest.
    No Update required, 5.00.0822 is already on the CD.
    Password good forever.

    Price US$ 990.-

    It is the original CD from Tradestation, I include also the packing and the small manual.

    If anyone interested, send me a private message.
  4. patoo


    If anyone wants mine, they can have it. I have the current Tradestation and have no intention of ever using the old one again...Total Price zero plus shipping
  5. Bob111


    are you buying or selling? or just smoking?
  6. TradeBest


    It worked!

    It´s the best way to receive a lot of replies when it seems you made a mistake.

    I sell and it´s a serious offer.
    It´s the original TS2000i CD.
  7. Bob111


    as been mentioned already-anyone can find it on p2p for free. + you cannot transfer TS licence. another words-even if you original owner-you have no right to sell it.
    good forever password can be found on web in a matter of seconds. so-forget it.
  8. TradeBest


    I don´t really understand how someone who is serious about system development can use a hacked software.
    I would never use software which I download p2p.